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Genesys Spine Partners with PRIA Healthcare to Improve Patient Coverage

May 3, 2022

AUSTIN, Texas, May 3, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — To assist with patient reimbursement solutions, Austin-based medical device manufacturer Genesys Spine is partnering with PRIA Healthcare. The partnership focuses on improving patient reimbursement for Genesys Spine’s SIros™ and SIrten™ SI joint fusion systems.

“Genesys Spine enlisted PRIA Healthcare to ensure that patients who need SI treatment for pain relief will receive favorable medical coverage. Adding the Genesys Patient Access System (GPS) is a strategic maneuver that will be beneficial for all involved,” said Genesys Spine’s Chief Strategy Officer, SI Fusion, Meredith Gavlick.

“Knowing that Genesys Spine has engaged PRIA Healthcare to assist with patient access demonstrates this organization’s commitment to patient and physician support,” said Dr. Emmanuel Gage, MD. “I have worked with PRIA Healthcare and am familiar with the positive impact they make when applying for medical coverage. PRIA Healthcare offers a streamlined authorization process for both my patients and office. I look forward to working with the Genesys Spine GPS system for my SI Joint Fusion patients.”

PRIA has 10 years of experience assisting Med Tech companies and their products with various payors to improve patient access to new medical devices. PRIA works with their clients to develop a patient-based prior authorization and appeals program that leverages clinical evidence and historical coverage decisions to best inform payors about the individual patient story. PRIA is a relentless advocate, dedicated to helping patients avoid the pitfalls of today’s medical insurance systems and helping patients gain access to the care most likely to benefit them.

PRIA Healthcare Vice President of Business Development, Clay Schwabe said, “We are thrilled to advocate on behalf of patients seeking the innovative SI Joint therapy solutions which Genesys offers the spine and pain specialties. PRIA believes the physician should choose the right treatment for their patient, not the insurance company. With over 1,000 physician offices in this specialty currently utilizing PRIA for patient access, we are confident that SIros™ and SIrten™ will be readily available for indicated patients suffering from SI joint pain.”

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