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PRIA Healthcare Acquires Lindstrom Healthcare Advocacy

Aug 10, 2020


Contact: Michael Simon, CEO
Phone: 860.782.2090

August 10, 2020


Torrington, Connecticut. August 10, 2020, PRIA Healthcare (PRIA) announces the acquisition of Lindstrom Healthcare Advocacy (LHA) and its founding owners, Walter and Kelley Lindstrom.  LHA’s acquisition will enable PRIA to continue accelerating their mission of positively impacting patients in need of innovative healthcare products and treatments. “A mutual passion for patient access to care was the natural synergy and driving force behind the acquisition,” asserts Michael Simon, Founder and CEO of PRIA.

Since 1996, Walter and Kelley Lindstrom have been predominant voices in patient advocacy, representing thousands of patients in obtaining life-changing, medically necessary treatments.  Most recognized as the first firm in the country to specialize in helping patients navigate the member appeal and independent review process for metabolic bariatric surgery, LHA’s experience encompasses helping patients in numerous specialties impacted by insurance related barriers to innovative technologies. As attorneys by trade, Walter and Kelley have leveraged their legal background to effectively overturn insurer denials in countless non-coverage scenarios.

PRIA’s acquisition of Lindstrom Healthcare Advocacy bolsters PRIA’s position as a nationally recognized leader in patient access services. This acquisition of LHA enables PRIA the opportunity to expand upon the current business offerings of reimbursement and market access services with a patient-direct business model.

“This expansion of our team with professionals who possess decades of experience working directly with patients and providers allows PRIA to meet the needs of patients who are outside of our current medical device client programs,” says Michael Simon.  Additionally, Simon states, “This patient-centric approach is highly effective in securing approvals in unique patient situations when access to care is not supported by industry programs.”

“Lindstrom Healthcare’s acquisition by PRIA is an opportunity to combine similar visions that patients – not profit – be a payer’s first priority.  Joining the PRIA team allows Kelley and I to expand upon the commitment we have made to ensuring all individuals have access to care, improving their quality of life,” says Walter Lindstrom. He continues, “We are looking forward to integrating this unique program offering into PRIA’s best-in-class program and further advance PRIA’s mission.”

According to Michael Simon, “Lindstrom Healthcare Advocacy has been a core player in the patient access arena for years with an incredibly talented leadership team that has continued to deliver exceptional support in assisting patients to obtain necessary care. Adding this expertise and a direct-to-patient offering to the PRIA suite of services complements our existing efforts to deliver real-world and real-time data to industry, our clients, and payers to make more informed coverage decisions.”

Since 2012, PRIA Healthcare has been a national leader in reimbursement and market access to the healthcare arena throughout the United States. Led by a team of industry veterans, PRIA is committed to ensuring the latest medical technologies and procedures are available to patients both during clinical trials and through product commercialization. PRIA diligently works to influence payers to establish patient access to life changing devices, therapies, treatments, and procedures by leveraging clinical data, patient, and physician rights.

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